Asphalt Milling & Grinding Services

Sometimes, when a parking lot or road is in need of resurfacing or repair, it already has a good base with which to begin work. At Raleigh Paving, we want to help you make the most of the materials you already have on hand, and offer asphalt milling and grading services that allow you to reclaim old paving materials and transform them into usable material.

What is Cold Milling?

Cold milling involves the controlled removal of uneven or damaged pavement to reach a desired depth of surface. Cold milling can be used to in conjunction with grinding and pulverization to correct an asphalt surface without requiring a full resurfacing.

Why Would I Need Cold Milling Services?

Cold milling can be a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to complete asphalt resurfacing. It is a good option for areas that need maintenance, but at minimal expense and inconvenience. Cold milling will help revive your Raleigh parking lot by ridding it of humps, ruts and other imperfections.

If the base course of your parking lot is in good condition, there may be no need to add any overlay to your new area. However, if your base course needs just a bit of an overlay, grinding and pulverization can help.

  • Some benefits of cold milling, grinding and pulverization, include:
  • Restoration of drainage flow
  • Removal of ruts and smoothes washboarding
  • Materials can be recycled and used in new asphalt pavement or stockpiled for a later time
  • No smoke or flame during the process, which makes it easy to control dust and mess
  • Can be done quickly with little interruption to traffic flow
  • Cost-effective and only involve necessary corrections

In addition to cold milling services, Raleigh Paving can also provide full depth reclamation for your Raleigh road or parking lot, as well as concrete stabilization services. Read more about cold milling on our FAQs page. Are you wanting to refresh your asphalt surface? Contact Raleigh Paving today, and learn more about the many services we offer. We proudly serve businesses throughout Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, as well as many other areas across the state.