Spotlight: Magna Composites Design/Build

Location: Magna Composites, Salisbury NC

Issue: The facility required an overflow parking lot in order to provide additional spaces for their ever growing employee base. They stipulated a 76 space minimum, the new lot’s location, and a wish to keep costs low.

Solution: Pave South sent their surveyor to assess the initial site conditions and conduct a topographical survey. The site was designed in-house and the area of the parking lot was kept under 1 acre in order to avoid site disturbance permitting and keep costs low. We were also able to design the lot with 79 spaces, giving the facility a few more parking spaces than their minimum.

MagnaParking (14)
The topsoil was stripped and stockpiled on-site

MagnaParking (24)
The lot’s earthwork was designed and calculated so as create a balance of cut to fill and avoid any costly soil export charges

MagnaParking (10)
The site was fine graded, abc was installed, along with a run of storm sewer along the southern edge of the lot

MagnaParking (41)
The asphalt was installed

MagnaParking (32)
And the lot was striped per the customer’s specifications.