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Concrete Curb & Gutter Services in Raleigh, NC

When adding a border to your parking lot or roadway, concrete curb and gutter is the standard in NorthCarolina. Do it the right way with Raleigh Paving. Our experienced team, attention to detail, and full-service solutions will make your curb or gutter project go smoothly. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Benefits of Curbing

  • Creates water flow to points of collection, such as storm drains, to keep your parking lot from flooding and to help reduce perimeter erosion.
  • Creates a border to contain vehicles and help organize parking.
  • Prevents water from seeping under your asphalt, extending the life of your paved areas.
  • Strengthen the edge of your asphalt, protecting shoulders by keeping traffic contained.
  • Provides a protective barrier against steep lot drop-offs & landscaping.
  • Improves the look of your parking lot and outdoor areas.

Gutter Installation in Raleigh

When installing new curb and gutter, paying attention to the grade is vital. A properly sloped curb and gutter ensures proper water flow along the curb. It also helps set the elevation for your parking lot. The asphalt grade will follow the curb grade and this is especially important in ADA areas, etc.

As with all concrete applications, quality of craftsmanship varies considerably from contractor to contractor. We can assure you that our team is ready to address any previous issues with your curb and prevent any future ones!

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Raleigh Paving provides concrete curb and gutter services throughout North Carolina. We serve the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte metro areas of North Carolina including Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

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