Asphalt Milling


Asphalt Milling and Grinding Services in Raleigh, NC

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling involves the controlled removal pavement to reach a desired depth. We maintain a fleet of Wirtgen milling machines along with Caterpillar skidsteers with milling heads. We provide milling services for items such as:

  • Parking lot and/or road pavement removal
  • Full or partial depth removal for asphalt repairs
  • Perimeter/edge milling to transition new asphalt to existing concrete, curb, and asphalts

Benefits of Milling

  • Milled out asphalt material can be recycled and used in new asphalt pavement or stockpiled for use as base material
  • Allows for quicker and more cost effective removal of old asphalt and base material
  • Allows for grade control to ensure the proper depth is being removed
  • The quickness and grade control allow us to be paving sooner to minimize the disruption of the business

Asphalt Pulverization

The milling process planes and removes the asphalt and loads it into a truck to haul away. Pulverizing grinds the asphalt into the existing base in an effort to increase the base thickness and eliminate the cost of removal of the old asphalt. Pulverization lends itself to areas that can be elevated/built up by a few inches or more. Generally, parking lots and roads without curb will fall into this category.

Cement Stabilization/FDR

Cement stabilization, also known as Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), involves mixing dry portland cement into the base material using a stabilizer or milling machine. Water is added to initiate the chemical process and as it cures, the cement treated base will begin to harden. FDR will increase the strength of the subgrade by adding the properties of cement. FDR has been utilized more and more over the last several years and has become a popular method for repairing poor subgrade issues. The alternative had been complete removal of the poor soils, offsite disposal of those soils, and installation of new base material. This undercut is a costly process compared to FDR. FDR allows that material to remain, and stabilizes it with the addition of the cement. Read more about milling and FDR on our FAQs page.

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Raleigh Paving provides a variety of milling services throughout North Carolina. We serve the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte metro areas of North Carolina including Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

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