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Line Striping & Parking Lot Striping in Raleigh, NC

Line striping is a great way to refresh the look of your parking lot or roadways when the paint starts to fade. We can help your parking lot or road look as good as new, as our machines offer precise striping with fresh, bright new paint to make it stand out as much as it can.

Proper line striping is crucial for your parking lot. It marks parking spots, helps direct the flow of traffic and designates handicap and fire lanes. In addition to improving your customer experience, having clearly designated handicap zones ensures that your business meets or exceeds ADA standards and your local fire code. Our parking lot experts can even provide and install all required signage.

Our Line Striping Method

We utilize Graco striping machines and apply traffic marking paint from Sherwin Williams to leave your lines looking straight, crisp, and new. All of our line striping is done in-house, which allows better coordination of the striping with our paving and sealer work, thus reducing your parking lot’s downtime.

Most line stripe jobs take just a day or less to complete, and paint is safe to drive on after one hour of drying time. That means minimal disruption to your customers and employees.  Furthermore, striping is one of the most economical services we provide and really can improve the look of your parking lot.  

Typically, line striping needs to be redone every 2-4 years. The exact length of time depends on the amount of traffic your parking area gets.

Additional Parking Lot Services

In addition to our standard striping services, we also offer reflective striping options as well as thermoplastic striping options. 

With Raleigh Paving, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most comprehensive, efficient, and long-lasting solution to any line striping needs.

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Raleigh Paving provides line striping services for parking lots and other paved areas in the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte metro areas of North Carolina.

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