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Raleigh Paving Service Areas

Looking for a commercial paving contractor? Raleigh Paving proudly serves customers across the state of North Carolina, including the Triad, the Triangle and surrounding areas. We offer a range of asphalt and concrete services to meet your commercial paving needs, including new asphalt paving, asphalt resurfacing, parking lot design, asphalt repair and patching, crack-filling, sealcoating and line-striping. We also offer various concrete and specialty paving services, including curb and gutter repair, cold milling and more.

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North Carolina’s Parking Lot Specialists

Parking lot sealcoatingWe call ourselves the “Parking Lot Specialists” because we feel that we set the standard for asphalt parking lot paving throughout all of NC in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible.

Does your asphalt surface need rejuvenating? Contact our team today. We’ll always go the extra mile for your lot.