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Improve Your Business’s Image with Raleigh Paving’s Parking Lot Striping

At Raleigh Paving, we proudly offer parking lot services for commercial properties and parking lots all throughout North Carolina. Line striping is a great way to refresh the look of your parking lot or driveways when the paint starts to fade.

Our Line Striping Method

All of our line striping is done in-house, which allows us to begin immediately after paving or sealer work, reducing your parking lot’s downtime. By diligently testing asphalt line striping products industry-wide, we can confidently provide the most durable, longest lasting pavement marking products available on the market, saving you time and money in the long run.

Additional Parking Lot Services

In addition to our standard parking lot striping services, we also offer line brightening and reflective striping. Plus, Raleigh Paving can work with your business to design a new system for improved traffic flow or ADA accessibility requirements. Our paving experts will even provide and install all required signage.

With Raleigh Paving, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most comprehensive, efficient, and long-lasting solution to any line striping needs.


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