Raleigh Paving: Rocky Mount Division

As a junction for three major highways, U.S. Route 64, Interstate 95, and US Route 301, Rocky Mount is a busy place that understands the need for smooth, seamless asphalt.

Since 1983, Raleigh Paving has served customers throughout North Carolina with a number of paving services. Through our Rocky Mount division, residents of the area can benefit from the supreme customer service and high quality work that Raleigh Paving offers.

Our experienced team has the tools and experience to handle all types of paving jobs, from small work like residential driveways to large municipal road and paving services for the Department of Transportation. Among these services, we also offer:

Rocky Mount customers have trusted their paving projects with Raleigh Paving for many years, thanks to our hard-earned reputation for high quality work and unmatched customer service. Our team of experts are courteous, prompt and experienced, in order to give our customers big-company options, with the feel of small-company service.

We are dedicated to keeping North Carolina’s concrete and asphalt surfaces looking and performing at their best. If you are dedicated to keeping your business’ or homes’ surfaces in tip-top condition, call on the Rocky Mount Division of Raleigh Paving to see what we can do for you! We would love to help you through every step of your project; from initiation, to completion, to final walkthrough, we will see your project through to the end.