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Dirt Coming Through Blacktop

When answering this question it is important to first understand exactly how the mud got there and it all comes back to proper preventative maintenance. Typically, if you see mud showing through in your blacktop it means that water usually by way of a surface crack has penetrated beyond the gravel base and into the underlying soil layer. If this happens, mud can then be pumped up into the grave acting as a lubricant and causing the overlaying asphalt to shift as cars and trucks drive across it. You see this a lot in areas which have a vast amount of cracks and in many cases inadequate drainage.

The solution is a full depth replacement. Simply putting a patch over such a repair will only cover the problem temporarily, causing it to worsen. With a full-depth replacement our crew will come in tear out the damaged blacktop and gravel layer and replace it with new stone and newly laid asphalt. Important to note here – this fix among several others in many cases could have been avoided with proper asphalt maintenance, like crack filling and sealer, which studies prove can add up to 30-50% more life span to your lot, eliminating costly repairs.

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