How to Deal with Potholes


How to Deal with Potholes

No one wants to deal with a pothole. However, as a driving hazard, tripping hazard, and overall eyesore, potholes are an unfortunate act of nature that should be addressed ASAP. Not only do they pose potential problems for drivers and pedestrians, but they also produce rich breeding grounds for personal injury lawsuits against business owners. As such, we urge you to avoid these cumbersome issues and keep your lots, roads, and paths inviting and safe.

Tom (15)Repairing a Pothole

When it comes to restoration, the condition of the pothole will dictate the most ideal repair method. Generally, 3 different approaches are taken: peel & pave, filling, and patching.


“Filling the pothole” consists of removing the loose material around the edges of the hole and then backfilling with asphalt. While inexpensive, this type of repair does not last as long as other methods. It also tends to products a less appealing and natural look.


Patching is another common asphalt repair for areas where potholes have occurred. This process begins by cleaning the repair area and applying a tack coat to help the new asphalt adhere to the existing surface. A layer of asphalt is then installed upon the existing surface with a depth from 1”-2.5” depending on the severity of the existing damage. Patching is a relatively inexpensive solution to asphalt defects. Since the edges are sometimes rebated with a milling machine or a small grinder to make them straight and flush, it is far more aesthetically pleasing than the “fill the pothole” approach. Like filling, however, it is generally not a very durable repair.

Peel & Pave

Asphalt removal and replacement, or as we call it, “peel & pave,” is another common repair tactic. This repair is often prescribed for areas with cracking and/or base failure. It begins by saw-cutting the perimeter of the repair area to achieve a clean edge. After the edges are saw-cut, the existing asphalt is removed to the depth specified. Typically, the new asphalt is installed in 2 lifts: a 3” binder course followed by a 1” top course. The depth of repair will vary dependent upon the extent of existing damage, and/or the load requirements to be met. By adding up to 10 times more lifespan than patch-work, asphalt removal & replacement is often a very cost-effective, long-term fix for your surface’s distressed areas.

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