Proper Drainage Systems


Proper Drainage Systems


Not sure what this means? Well, some of the most hazardous situations in your parking lot can be the result of this so let me explain.

The above equation is known as the time of concentration, or Tc. It is the time in minutes, for a raindrop to travel from the most distant point in a parking lot to a concentration point (an inlet) after the beginning of rainfall. Of course there are more equations to follow after, but the time of concentration could be considered the most vital piece of information for parking lot construction from start to finish.

The Importance of Proper Drainage Systems

Water is probably the greatest cause of distress in a paved structure. The primary drainage function of parking lots is to convey minor storms quickly and efficiently to the storm sewer or open channel drainage with minimal impact on the vehicle/pedestrian traffic and the surrounding environment. In addition, removing water quickly from paved surfaces will prevent water from reaching the subgrade, minimize cracks due to the weakened subgrade, and prolong the life of the pavement in a parking lot.

Site drainage is an extremely important component in the makeup of your parking lot. Drainage in a parking area is often overlooked, but when something goes wrong, the results can be devastating. To prevent storm water from becoming a hazard to the public and causing water damage to the structure of the pavement you should address any water issues in your parking lot immediately. When drainage issues are not attended to you can expect to see a shortened parking lot life. Catastrophic damage can result from procrastination.

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