Spotlight: UPS Operations Paving, Raleigh NC


Spotlight: UPS Operations Paving, Raleigh NC

You count on UPS to deliver on time, UPS counts on us to deliver on time!


UPS Employee Parking & Operations Area Paving

Our paving crew was put to the ultimate challenge of completing the entire parking lot within the specified time frame for this project. They could not begin until all of the trucks were off the property and in route to deliver packages, and they had to have it completed before the very first truck arrived back to load their next delivery.

They repaired several areas in the employee parking area, milled out the existing asphalt, and removed the millings from the site.


Crews resurfaced the entire operations lot. They installed new asphalt and rolled it to an even finish leaving the parking lot smooth and in brand new condition.

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This message was received from the Operations Manager at UPS shorty after the job was completed:

“Demetrius called and wanted to say how great he thinks the work looks and how well the crew performed to get the work done under the gun like they did.”

Resurfacing or overlaying your parking lot is a big investment for many businesses. Your parking lot is also the first thing your customers see and use to interpret how your business is doing. Not only is our pricing the best in the industry, our work is the best. For more information please visit our website

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