When Is The Best Time Of Year For Asphalt Sealcoating?


When Is The Best Time Of Year For Asphalt Sealcoating?

To protect and extend the life of your parking lot, businesses should consider asphalt sealcoating every 2-3 years. When applied properly, this cost-effective solution will prevent deterioration of your asphalt surfaces from the sun, water, and traffic. 

The ideal time of year for asphalt sealcoating is between May and October, especially during the summer months. The warmer weather creates optimal conditions to apply pavement sealer. Read on to learn the 4 reasons summer is the prime season for asphalt sealcoating.

Hot Temperatures & Low Relative Humidity

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Asphalt sealer cures and dries best on days when the temperature is high and the humidity is relatively low. For business owners with an asphalt parking lot, fast curing and drying times ensure you can open in a timely manner. This means you’d ideally apply sealer when the temperature is a minimum of 55 degrees and climbing, or else you risk having to wait 48 to 72 hours before the sealer is fully cured.

Frequent Sunlight

Summer brings lots of sunshine to help warm and evaporate the liquids within the asphalt sealer. This direct sunlight quickens the drying time. If cloudy or rainy days are in the forecast, just make sure to avoid rain or fog for at least 24 hours after sealcoating application.

Mild Overnight Temperatures

Pavement sealers are best applied when the temperatures do not fall below 50 degrees for 48 hours after application. During the summer, the overnight temperatures often stay well above 60 degrees, allowing the parking lot enough time to cure properly.

Longer Work Days

Extended daylight hours during summer months mean more work can be completed per shift, which makes the asphalt sealcoating process more efficient and accommodates your business hours.

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As one of the largest providers of sealcoating products in the Carolinas, Raleigh Paving is proud to place over 40,000 gallons of sealer each year throughout North Carolina alone. Contact our experts today for an estimate on your asphalt sealcoating needs!

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