Why Do Speed Bumps & Traffic Control Devices Matter?


Why Do Speed Bumps & Traffic Control Devices Matter?

If your business is in a busy area, you likely see many vehicles out and about. While you can’t control how others drive, you can implement certain traffic control devices to ensure safer roads and parking environments near your business.

What Is a Traffic Control Device?

A traffic control device is a marker used to inform and manage vehicles. Often, you can find these next to roads, highways, traffic facilities, and other public areas. The three main traffic control devices are:

  1. Street signs- Stop Sign, Deer Crossing, Road Work Ahead
  2. Road markings– Solid Line, Dotted Line, Pavement Arrows
  3. Traffic signals- Red, Yellow, Green

Why Are Traffic Control Devices Important?

Traffic control devices provide orderly vehicle movement and can improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians. These tools prevent accidents from occurring by letting those on or near the road know if there are potential hazards. Vertical control measures, like speed bumps, are especially helpful in encouraging individuals to slow their cars down as ignoring them can cause hefty damage.

How Effective Are Traffic Control Devices?

When properly installed, traffic control devices are very effective at reducing the speed and severity of accidents. Over the years, Raleigh Paving has installed countless speed bumps to help businesses keep their parking lots safe.

What Is a Speed Bump?

A speed bump is a raised surface on the road used to limit a vehicle’s speed. Typically, these are around 3” tall and have yellow diagonal lines to help them stand out. Like other traffic control devices, speed bumps are a safety measure used to guide vehicles. These are great safety measures for areas, like parking lots, where you want to keep traffic between 2-10 mph.

There are other traffic control devices that are similar to speed bumps. These include:

  • Speed humps, which are lower than speed bumps and are helpful in residential areas where the speed limit is 10-15 mph
  • Speed tables, which have a hump and flat section in the middle to create a gradual decrease in speed in areas where the speed limit is 25-45 mph.

Are Speed Bumps Right For Your Area?

We recommend our speed bump and speed table services if you have the following goals:

  • Better safety in areas where cars and pedestrians share space closely (ex. driveways, parking lots, etc.)
  • Enforcing low-speed limits without having to hire a traffic cop  
  • Decreased traffic noise near residential areas
  • Reflective traffic control devices that can be seen at night

Interested in Speed Bump Services?

When installing speed bumps for your roadways, it’s helpful to use a professional paving company with knowledge of your local regulations. Raleigh Paving provides specialty speed bumps and speed tables throughout North Carolina. Contact us today for an estimate of your speed bump needs.

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