Asphalt Sealcoating Services

Your parking lot or roadway is the first thing customers see when they arrive to your business. Is yours giving off the right first impression?

Over time, salt, water, sun and traffic can wear out your asphalt surfaces, making them hard, brittle and more susceptible to failure. For parking lots and asphalt surfaces in need of a facelift, we offer sealcoating services that protect the binder in your pavement to prevent deterioration from wear and tear. And with a velvety black finish, sealcoating also enhances the aesthetics of your lot, giving worn-down asphalt a rejuvenated appearance. Sealcoating is recommended for use every 2-3 years, and is most effective during the early stages of your parking lot’s lifespan.

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Improves the appearance of your asphalt with a rich, black finish
  • Asphalt sealcoating
  • Prevents oxidation caused by harmful rays from the sun (which can wear away 50% of the asphalt’s original thickness in just 5 years)
  • Resists salt, oil, gas and chemical penetration
  • Prevents moisture from rain and snow from seeping into pavement during freeze-thaw cycles
  • Considerably reduces maintenance costs and can extend the life of your pavement by up to 300%

Why Choose Raleigh Paving?

We want to help protect your investment. That’s why we use only the best refined asphalt/black top sealers that are specifically designed to protect bituminous pavements. Composed of high temperature refined binders, select mineral fillers and surfactants, these sealers form a tough, flexible and durable coating that shields asphalt pavements from damage over time.  Before applying sealcoating, we also make sure to clean your surface to facilitate proper adhesion, and use the latest sealcoating equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently and on your schedule.

We serve customers throughout the Triangle and Triad, including those in Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston Salem and surrounding areas. See our full list of service areas here, and contact us today to get started!