Asphalt Coating Services

Give your parking lot a facelift. Spring is the time that everyone’s thoughts turn toward the condition of their parking lot. We understand how parking lot fatigue can give way to more serious conditions such as degenerative parking lot disorder. Sealing and striping your parking lot will not only help to alleviate degenerative parking lot disorder, it will just plain old make you feel better.

Renew your lot, protect your investment, and prevent expensive repairs.

Sealcoating is preventive maintenance performed to extend pavement life by shielding it from oxidation. Over time, salt, water, sun and traffic will wear out the asphalt cement in blacktop, making it brittle and hard. Recommended for use every two or three years, asphalt sealer is also employed as an aesthetic enhancer, giving worn-out asphalt a rejuvenated appearance. When you need to protect your asphalt pavement against wear and deterioration, there is no greater aid than a properly applied or mixed coal tar emulsion. Asphalt sealcoating considerably reduces maintenance costs, and at the same time it extends the lifespan of asphalt pavements by up to 300%. The cost of blacktop coating is really a small expenditure when compared to the expense of pavement replacement.

As part of our effort to uphold the highest standards, Raleigh Paving strictly conforms to manufacturer’s specifications and advocates exacting quality control. We will work with you to deal with unpredictable weather and minimize disruption to your company. In addition, our crews always clean your surface to aid with proper product adhesion, and we are up to date on all the latest asphalt sealcoating equipment and processes to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Sealcoating

Pavement Sealers Prevent Oxidation

The actinic rays of sunlight can oxidize the asphalt oils in pavement, causing brittleness and resulting in loss of aggregates that may wear away up to 50% of the asphalt’s original thickness in only five years’ time. A pavement that has been properly sealcoated will resist oxidative degradation and preserve its value.

Asphalt Coatings Resist Fuel Penetration

Resists salt, oil, gas and chemical penetration. Asphalt is a petroleum derivative that is soluble in distillates such as gas, oil drippings and jet fuel. Asphalt sealcoating prevents damage from distillates and chemicals.

Sealcoating Your Pavement Provides Protection

We use only the best refined asphalt / blacktop sealers that have been specifically designed to protect bituminous pavements. Composed of high temperature refined binders, select mineral fillers and surfactants, it forms a tough, flexible and durable coating that shields asphalt pavements from the damaging elements of weather, salts, water, gas and other petro-chemicals.

Asphalt Sealer Prevents Water Penetration

The intrusion of moisture into asphalt pavement structure accelerates its deterioration and is closely related to pavement distress. The sealing of well-cured asphalt prevents seepage of moisture from rain and snow, thus preventing damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

Is Sealcoating Always a Good Preventive Maintenance Measure?


The Preventive Maintenance Cycle for Parking Lots

Unfortunately, sealcoating is not always a good preventative maintenance measure. Sealcoating performs best early in the lifecycle of a parking lot. As the diagram below illustrates, parking lot repair costs tend to increase dramatically in the later stages of a parking lot’s life. As the parking lot approaches a failed condition, there may be other repairs that need to be done prior to or in lieu of sealcoating in order to get keep reasonably within the allocated budget. We can help you weigh the benefits against one another to save you time and allocate your resources wisely.




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Raleigh Paving provides asphalt parking lot repair services and maintenance services including asphalt sealcoating and linestriping. We serve the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte metro areas of North Carolina including Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.