Parking Lot Repavement: A Complete Guide


Parking Lot Repavement: A Complete Guide

The impression and experience of your parking lot can make or break your business. If yours has seen better days or is overdue for care, repaving (also known as resurfacing) may be the best solution. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Consider Parking Lot Repavement?

Repaving a parking lot is a common, ergonomic way to extend the pavement’s life and make it look new again. It can also include dealing with signs of wear and tear that can be dangerous to driving or walking—like cracks, potholes, upheaval and more. Other benefits of repaving include:

  • Greater pavement strength 
  • Reduced maintenance needs 
  • Improved ride quality
  • Decreased liability

What Is the Repaving Process?

At Raleigh Paving, we can help you understand the severity of your parking lot’s damages, what caused them and if repaving can help (or if more simple repairs can). If resurfacing is the best course of action, here’s how we go about it. 

Fixing Failing Areas

Prior to a new asphalt overlay, we address any structurally weak areas. Otherwise, these can cause cracking and failure in the newer layer. Failing areas include anything that’s limiting your lot’s function, including: 

  • Existing cracks or potholes 
  • Alligatored/distressed spots
  • Uneven surfaces 
  • Areas that are creating slow water movement

Managing Transitions

Through a process called edge milling, transitions to sidewalks, curb edges, handicap ramps, doorways and more are ground down to fit smoothly with the new asphalt layer. 

Cleaning and Applying a Tack Coat

Our team then sweeps your lot clean of debris and sprays a tack coat on its surface (this helps the new asphalt layer adhere to it).

Placing the Asphalt Overlay

Finally, we’ll install and compact a new asphalt layer with our state-of-the-art equipment. Depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the previous three steps, we can do this part in as little as a day. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repave a Parking Lot?

The cost to repave your parking lot is dependent on its unique circumstances and is a combination of:

  • The amount of work needed (e.g., if there are no failing areas vs. if there are)
  • Its size (the bigger the square footage or yardage of your lot, the bigger the expenses can be)
  • The needed thickness of the asphalt (it will generally have an average thickness of 1.5”, but any more depth needed—due to damages—can increase the cost) 

Getting a free consultation and estimate for repaving your parking lot can help make sure you know exactly what to expect. 

Raleigh Paving Has Custom Repavement Needs Covered

No matter your lot’s unique conditions, we consider ourselves North Carolina’s “Parking Lot Specialists” for a reason. With our first-class, long-lasting and cost-effective paving solutions, we leave no detail unchecked and no room for error. Contact us today to get started with your free consultation and estimate.

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