Your Road Map To A Durable Parking Lot


Your Road Map To A Durable Parking Lot

What is the difference between Sealcoating, Sealer, Resurfacing, and Overlaying?

With winter fast approaching, the time is now to begin preparing your parking lot. The arrival of freezing temperatures typically brings more and more pothole-stricken customers asking us about sealcoating, sealer, overlaying and resurfacing. With more than four generations of experience, the professionals at Raleigh Paving well-positioned to provide our customers with the proper information and advice to help them protect their parking surfaces.

What is Sealcoating or Sealer?

Sealer and sealcoating refer to the same procedure. Sealcoating or Sealer is an effective way to protect the binder in your pavement to prevent deterioration. We recommend applying sealcoating every 2 to 3 years.

Sealcoating contains no adhesive or binding properties to help restructure severely damaged pavement, but if applied professionally and within the correct time frame, your parking lot will remain healthy and attractive for years to come.

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What is Resurfacing and Overlaying?

Resurfacing and overlaying refer to the same procedure, as well. Resurfacing involves laying a new coat of asphalt over your existing layer. It adds a brand new 1.5”-2” layer of asphalt to your lot, giving it a fresh, smooth look.

An effective resurfacing job will improve the overall look, structure and drainage of your parking lot. This differs from sealcoating in that resurfacing is more corrective, replenishing asphalt that has cracked or disintegrated, while also preventing future damage.

What’s the difference between sealcoating and resurfacing?

The core difference between sealcoating and resurfacing is that sealcoating is more a preventive measure, recommended for combating future deterioration. Resurfacing is recommended when structural damage exists, whether at or below the surface.

That does not make sealcoating any less valuable; it simply means that choosing the correct procedure is key. Though sealcoating won’t alleviate cracks in your pavement, it will protect asphalt from the elements and improve overall aesthetics, similar to staining a deck.

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Raleigh Paving applies over 40,000 gallons of sealcoating every year in North Carolina, so you can trust our expertise and advice when we urge you to consider sealcoating your asphalt to ensure your parking lot will remain healthy through the winter months.
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