Commercial / Industrial Concrete Paving Services

The Strength to Endure

Concrete paving refers to heavy duty application for concrete such as driveway aprons, dumpster pads, loading dock areas and machinery pads.  Concrete has the strength to stand up to heavy vehicle loads and tends to perform well where vehicle are turning at tight radii. Concrete paving is especially effective in areas like dumpster pads where a strong downward force is usually localized to the front tires of the truck while the truck raises the dumpster. In addition, concrete has an advantage to asphalt where large heavy vehicles are turning their tires while they are at a standstill.




There are all sorts of consideration for commercial / industrial concrete paving surfaces.

  • The strength of the mix.
  • How much water
  • Thickness
  • Grades
  • Slump
  • Yield
  • How much bar and its configuration?
  • Mesh

The most important consideration however is who the end user is and how it is going to be used. Taking into consideration vehicle weight loads and frequency will be the two most effective parameters for installing a pad that will be cost effective and stand the test of time. Ambient concrete temperature and precipitation conditions are definitely a consideration as well. Make sure you go over your contractor not only what is being done but why he is doing it. Because of the cost of concrete, no one should want to have to rip anything out afterward. Make sure your contractor has the experience to understand and perform the job and will perform it right the fist


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