Quick Guide to Parking Lot Line Striping


Quick Guide to Parking Lot Line Striping

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As a business owner, you know just how important it is to provide a safe parking lot for your customers. This means ensuring the lines are accurate and clearly marked for them to use in an orderly fashion. 

Learn some key industry terms and meanings for a quick overview of line striping services so you can make an informed decision about your parking lot maintenance needs. 

Types of Line Striping

New Layout Striping

When adding new lines to establish new parking and/or traffic patterns, you should design the new layout to improve traffic flow and meet accessibility requirements.


When the paint starts to fade, re-striping can freshen the lines to look like new.

Reflective Striping

This line striping helps to increase one’s visibility at nighttime so they can navigate the parking lot safely during low-light conditions.

Thermoplastic Striping

Hot-applied thermoplastic creates stripes that are highly reflective at night and extremely durable for long-term performance.

Types of Paint

There are 4 types of paint used for line striping, but water-based paints are typically the preferred choice of line striping professionals today. Learn about each paint type below.

Waterborne Paints

This paint is durable, highly visible, and environmentally friendly.

Reflective Paints

Offering the most visibility, this paint is ideal for nighttime, snow, or icy conditions. Glass beads are added to the paint immediately after it is sprayed to make it highly reflective.

Thermal Plastic Paints

This paint includes highly-reflective glass beads for nighttime visibility while providing extreme durability and longevity. It’s considered a cost-effective option, as it balances performance with affordability.

Oil-Based Paints

While durable and long-lasting, this paint can be harmful to the environment and is banned in several states.

Is Your Parking Lot Ready for Line Striping?

The experts at Raleigh Paving provide comprehensive, efficient, and long-lasting line striping services to keep your parking lot looking refreshed. Using Graco line stripers and Sherwin Williams paints to apply traffic markings, we ensure your lines are straight, crisp, and new. All of our line striping is done in-house so we can coordinate the striping with our paving and sealer work, which reduces your parking lot’s downtime. Contact Raleigh Paving today for an estimate on your line striping needs!

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