ADA Handicap Accessibility Services

The American with Disabilities Act is a federal mandate designed to deal with the nationwide inconsistencies when it comes to accessibility requirements. Below we have tried to distill some of that information down to focus on just one aspect of accessibility as it pertains to parking lots. Sidewalk access to buildings is not covered here as well as many other aspects of the code.

Number of accessible parking spaces required for commercial properties, open to the public.

Lot Spaces Minimum # HC Spaces Van Spaces(Of HC)
1-25 1 1
26-50 2 1
51-75 3 1
76-100 4 1
101-150 5 1
151-200 6 1
201-300 7 1
301-400 8 1
401-500 9 1
501-1000 2% of total 1 of every 8
1001 & Over 20 Plus for each 100 2 of every 8








  • Accessible space – 8′ with 5′ hash out on left side, two spaces can share a hash out.
  • Van Accessible – 8′ space with 8′ hash out on right side.


  • Accessible – Regular handicapped sign – Reserved parking and universal logo in center of each sign. Bottom of sign must be between 4′ and 7′ above pavement surface.
  • Van Accessible – Same as above, except that the words “VAN ACCESSIBLE” shall be printed below the logo.


  • Spaces, access aisles, loading zones shall have maximum slope at 2% (1:50) in all directions.

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