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Should I Repair or Repave my Asphalt Surfaces?

How Do I Know When To Repave My Asphalt? A frequent question we receive here at Raleigh Paving is whether our customers should repair or repave their asphalt surfaces. Though the answer varies from place to place, there are a few key indicators that can clue you in that it may be time to either… Read more »

Spotlight: East Carolina Motor Speedway

East Carolina Motor Speedway was a pleasure to be a part of because Pave South has some of the biggest racing fans in the state of North Carolina! Joe Thomann and JJ ThomannWe completed the crackfilling, sealcoating, and striping for the race track just in time for Opening Day, Sunday April 14th. To view the… Read more »

Spotlight: Lincolnton HS And West Lincoln HS Track Replacement

Grading and Excavating NCAA athletic fields and running tracks require tolerances that rival those of runways these days. With a strong focus on grade control and planarity, these tolerances are as tight as they get. This kind of work is not for the faint of heart as it takes a lot of experience and attention… Read more »

Spotlight: Pave South/ Raleigh Paving Expands Paving Services to Fayetteville, NC

We have had several projects near the home of Fort Bragg over the years, and recently we have gained more attention from the locals with some of our outstanding work in Fayetteville. One of our most recent projects in Fayetteville was the paving project for Dupont. Our crews constructed new entrances to the site, repaired the existing parking lot, installed… Read more »

Spotlight: UPS Operations Paving, Raleigh NC

You count on UPS to deliver on time, UPS counts on us to deliver on time! UPS Employee Parking & Operations Area Paving Our paving crew was put to the ultimate challenge of completing the entire parking lot within the specified time frame for this project. They could not begin until all of the trucks… Read more »

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