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Spotlight: Windsor Forest Subdivision

Windsor Forest Subdivision, Raleigh NC This was a job than involved numerous pavement repairs – (5) Areas: Concrete Repairs to various curbs and drain areas – (12) Areas Total: An additional 4” Pavement Repair ordered by the customer during construction.

If We Can Save It, We Will!

Cold Milling, Grinding, and Pulverization Cold Milling is the automatically controlled removal of pavement to a desired depth with specially designed equipment, and restoration of the surface to a specified grade or slope, free of humps, ruts and other imperfections. The resulting textured pavement can be used immediately as a driving surface, or it can… Read more »

Potholes: Unforeseen Cause of Car Accidents

Potholes are a terrible thing to have for many reasons. They can cause driving hazards, tripping hazards and create a bad impression of your place of business. Potholes can impact your business in ways you may not have considered. Potholes are dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. Many times people will swerve their vehicles in an… Read more »

Crackfilling- Asphalt Vs. Nature

Deterioration of pavement is natural.  It’s natural because over time the materials that make up the asphalt begin to break down and become more affected by elements such as rain, sunlight, and chemicals that come into contact with the pavement surface.  The liquid asphalt binder that is the “glue” of the pavement begins to lose… Read more »

Proper Drainage Systems

Not sure what this means? Well, some of the most hazardous situations in your parking lot can be the result of this so let me explain. The above equation is known as the time of concentration, or Tc. It is the time in minutes, for a raindrop to travel from the most distant point in… Read more »

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